36′ Konocti

36' tiny house

Really pretty interior finishes on this house. It certainly has lots of space but not sure about the bedroom being such an open part of the living space. Of course as the new owner you can decide to utilize the loft for sleeping and this platform for something else. What would you do? If you would like to see more of this house it is listed here on the Market Place.


  • Is the area for eating with a few people on the upper level where the bed is? I love the stacked washer and dryer as I prefer it over the combo w/d
    Would there be much involved in putting in a bigger sink?

  • Love the look, however I agree about the bed on the platform: one wrong step off that stairwell and it can result in a painful fall! I might opt for an artist studio there, or since I have birds — an enclosed aviary (minus the ceiling fan there — again, a safety factor) with an enclosed view to the outside!!!

    It’s a beautiful design. Love the kitchen, along with the shower and the seat. Beautiful layout.

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