High Flying Tiny Home


I love the character of this small home! The retro look, with the vintage style door and space age windows, that look even cooler from the main sleeping loft are eye catching design features. The interior is sufficient with a kitchen positioned at the end of the home. This place would be great with a nice big deck to sit on and admire the funky architecture. If you would like to learn more about this home or the builder please follow the link: Tiny Heirloom


  • I like seeing the various THs shown on this site but I’ve gotta say that they don’t correctly demonstrate what a TH actually LOOKS LIKE when it’s inhabited! There’s never any clothes or books sitting around, no dishes in the sink/drying rack, no desktops with paper work spread out on them…its a deceptive view of what it’s like to LIVE IN a Tiny House.

    • That is the odd beauty of living in a tiny home, you must pick up after yourself! Living small makes it so easy to keep organized, as well as impossible to be messy with out it driving you mad.

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