30' tiny house

This sleek modern farm house is pretty much perfect! How about that cute window seat and the high ceiling master on main? If you would like to see more of this home or learn about the builder please follow the link here to Willowbee Tiny Homes.


  • I’m new and I have wondered how you first get water and where does that water go after you do dishes, shower, laundry. Yes, I have NO clue about any of these very important questions. Is there a site where ALL questions can be answered quickly and don’t leave unanswered questions after you view their available answers? Yes, that happens often today. You probably have had the same experience I’m speaking of. I’m looking at all possible scenarios today and a Tiny Home is but one. Thanks for any and all your help. This I will demand of you. You, your families, co-workers “BE SAFE”. I wish you all well.

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